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Mother Nature is the finest artist of us all.

Painting makes us slow down and truly see the beauty around us.

Laurie loves painting en plein air to capture the miraculous moments around us. 


painting 32 copy.jpg

That glow!  Who could be standing in the middle of that sunset and not be awed by that greater beauty that has nothing to do with humanity?


Santa Barbara has always been my home. How can you not be in absolute gratitude every day for the beauty? You cannot take a step in Santa Barbara without seeing beauty everywhere. 


South-facing beaches have a special power- the require you to be in your integrity, your righteous self, your inner truth. The energy is so enlightening and illuminating. California only has 3 south-facing beaches: Carmel, Laguna, and Santa Barbara. Look at the creativity that comes from those places!  Living here has kept me in a cocoon of incredible integrity of the human spirit.


Santa Barbara has always embraced Mother Earth, and its residents see themselves as her caretakers. Santa Barbara brings a purity of life and creative energy that supports you in living up to your potential. It’s an inspiring and healing place for me because I’m always touching nature and nature is touching me. There is greater divine beauty everywhere- I am inspired to capture and share it.

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