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Open your arms.

Open your mind.

Open your heart.


We have all been put on this planet to carry the light. I paint to carry the light. I paint to open hearts and minds to the beauty of the world.  I receive light as a gift- from others, from the Universe, from God. I then hold it, transmute it, amplify it, and ultimately pass that light forward.


Each of my paintings has a story of connection behind it and of deep feeling within it. I want to bring awareness to the beauty and light in our lives. Each painting is a way of offering hope and light.


It takes one speck of light to destroy darkness. For darkness to destroy light, it must take over completely. We are here to spread light.


What is the light? It is Love. Art. Connection. Beauty. Tradition. Feeling. Dance. Music. Peace. Children. Culture. Heritage. Exploration. Soul. Hope. Joy. Magic.


Life is magical. Each painting is a magical moment in time. I want you to feel that moment- to have adventure and to dance. I want everyone to dance through the world in love and exploration. Be the light and love. Let the beauty you love be what you do.


When you become the light, you become the love. To change the world, we must carry forth the light, you must offer the light. That is the offering of your heart.  Offering light is offering love.

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