I am begging you to see the imbalances and injustices in the world. Be a voice for awareness and change.


I am begging you to see the suffering of children and women around the world. Support, encourage, and enable them so they can create a sustainable support system for themselves and a safety for their villages so they can exist symbiotically and successfully within this modern world.

I am begging you to see the disappearing cultures, traditions, and heritages of the world. Educate and inform using whatever gifts you have. Create artistic communication of hope, peace, and love.

I am begging you to see the beauty in all humans and in Mother Nature. Alter your perception, take action, and inspire others.


I am begging you to honor mankind's rich uniqueness without judgement. Start making change today.

Some simple ways to start:

  • Smile at someone

  • Eat a cuisine you’ve never had before

  • Be in gratitude when you wake up

  • Support a charity that supports women, children, culture, art, or your local community

  • Go outside and simply look for beauty in nature

  • Put down you phone and connect with another human

  • Shop at a local store

  • Support your local village (shop at a small, independent business!)

  • Connect with a power greater than yourself- I don't care if it's a tree!

  • Be vulnerable

  • Go to a body of water and just look, listen, touch, smell.

  • Feel safe with the other. Take down your barriers. 

  • Bring gifts for children when you travel to a third world country

  • Spend time with a child, appreciating their perspective

  • Listen to music in another language

  • Go to an art gallery you’ve never been to before

  • Commit a random act of kindness daily

  • Research a culture, region, or religion that’s new to you

  • Pick up National Geographic. Read the articles.

  • Overtip

  • Hug! 

  • Always stop and talk to someone if you're uncomfortable in their presence- you'll make a friend.

  • Watch a sunset

  • Return to your artistic or musical hobby you’ve let sit too long

  • Have lunch with someone totally new and different

  • Breathe.

  • Have gratitude that you have breath. 


(and send me your ways to create a more connected, conscious world.)